Subratha Bagchi
CF-L1 Trainer
Live your Life, Dont Live For Others
Nothing is more important than mastering your mind and being true to the person inside you ! 
This site is created to connect to like-minded people who are seeking to change not others except themself.  Connect with people around the world, who are continuously trying to improvise them self to be better everyday than yesterday.
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    Daily Trivia
    Lets work together to find out, how to stay away from daily meaningless, non-essential details. Too much of anything is always waste or extra/unwanted fat. This also shows on our mind and body.
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    Being RAW
    All of us some point of our lifetime wants to look and feel good. Everyone want to look and feel good. Even on the deathbed. Explore the most simplest and easiest way of being active healthy and look great all the time. Be RAW Authentic
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    Find out ways to upgrade yourself every year. Techniques I found, practiced, and still improvising. PDAC, SCRUM. 20MED (MPSES)
Daily Thoughts, Good Vibes n More
Believe we all have so much to share to make each day and each others day better. Whatever you come across just write and share.
Weekly Blog
Would keep posting my blog, articles, or short notes how to make everyday better and live the present.