Subratha Bagchi
CF-L1 Trainer
About Me
Subratha Bagchi, 32, Project Manager by profession. 
An ordinary man trying to make myself immortal by creating a mark in digital world. Reason for creating this site is to get inspired and connected with like-minded people around the world who wants to live everyday to its fullest,  with something better than yesterday.

Seeker, Believer, and Action Taker. MY cup is always empty to learn and enhance myself.  Who I am. still figuring out. Believe I want to do most out of my life.
At present, professionally I am a Project Manager in IT firm. For more detail, please follow me on LinkedIn.

What I do and love the most:
  • Running -Covered 3 Half Marathon and One Full Marathon, still can not get enough.
  • Reading –  One way to travel faster, cheaper and always ahead of time.
  • Yoga and Body-weight Training
  • TED – I believe idea travels faster than light.
  • Blogger, V-Blogger - Follow me @ www.1lif2live.com

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